Words of Wisdom


No More Body Shaming

The body shaming has to stop.  Why does society think we are less of a woman without our breasts?  Being a warrior comes from your soul not your breasts.  I sometimes want to scream there’s so much more to me than my boobs.  Our society will never let go of this stigma that we are broken women without our breasts, it will be up to us to rise above and live on a completely different level than most of the world.  What will you do to nourish your soul and rise above?  We want to hear from you!  You don’t stand alone.

Do Discriminate

Tonight I want to talk about the mother at school battling cancer/breast cancer. I want to let everyone reading this know how lonely and isolating cancer is. You’re alone in your body that could very possibly be killing you every single day. And then you drop your children off at school and life for most other mothers goes on as normal. All of them chatting, laughing, sipping their coffee. I can’t stress enough to all moms reading this to please include the mother with cancer in on a coffee run or lunch. You won’t catch her cancer, but what you will do is offer kindness and company to someone that desperately needs it. You’ll be changing the world for the better and isn’t that a beautiful thing?


I want to take a moment this morning to talk about how vulnerable we are during treatment of breast cancer and after. You have to be careful of people taking advantage of your vulnerability and they’re out there. They are preying upon your weakness for their gain – whether you’re doing free things for them or you’re paying for their meals. We do this because we desperately need friends and validation at a time of breast cancer diagnosis, during treatment and after but we must do better for ourselves. Trolls are out there. I myself was victim to several giving free haircuts, paying for their meals and giving free storage for their items for years! Imagine that years! And when it was time for my birthday I got a $6.00 meal, the bill split by two. I felt so overwhelmed with grief that I was not worthy of a birthday meal, card or small token gift. I was not looking for a handout I was looking for my friends to celebrate my life with the same enthusiasm I did theirs. Birthday’s are important to women with cancer. You need to protect yourself. You need to have confidence in who you are while battling bullshit breast cancer and not allow anyone to punch and twist your inner-soul so much you question your very existence in this world. As God nurtured my soul and put truth in my heart I gathered the courage to knock these alien beings to the road … and I watched them drive off in their new cars. Yes new cars they weren’t poor at all they just preyed on me a victim of breast cancer. No more! Ciao bitches!