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Flat Closure NOW

Nonprofit Organization

We are a group of patients, advocates and friends who come together because of aesthetic flat closure to promote self-love, and body positivity, create community, provide support, and educate with a focus on advocating through visual arts.


Weekly Twitter Chat

Creating #bccww & co-founder of #BreastCancerRealityCheck, #breastcancer #chat Tues 9-10pm GMT(BST) #support. All welcome: Use #BCCWW to join in.


Protect the Pecs

Male Breast Cancer Foundation

Protect The Pecs is a Male Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. It is designed to help men who are in need of support, provide funds for research, and create awareness. 


I Don't Need Two

One-Breasted Fashion Blog

Flatties Unite Page Cover Photo - Flat closure community & support

Flatties Unite

Online Facebook Support Group

Flatties Unite is a Facebook support group for breast cancer survivors, thrivers and previvors who've chosen to have a mastectomy with an aesthetic flat closure. The group provides love, support and laughter as we all navigate life after having a mastectomy for breast cancer (or in an effort to prevent breast cancer ♥) Living with a flat side? Join the FB group! http://www.facebook.com/groups/flattiesunite

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Bret Miller 1T Foundation

Male Breast Cancer Foundation

Bret Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. With the help of his parents, he founded The Bret Miller 1T Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to raise awareness in colleges and high schools telling our youth that breast cancer can happen to anyone. Male breast cancer survivors share their journeys and let students know they are their own best advocates for their bodies.


Personal Blog

"Just another blog - faith, fiction and cancer stuff"

Brain Cancer Diaries

Brain Cancer Diaries

YouTube Vlog

Don’t be confused by the name... Brain Cancer Diaries is about more than brain cancer or even its host Rudy Fischmann. While he does have the dreaded disease, this channel shines a light on all the issues that impact those with all types of cancers/serious chronic diseases and those around them as Rudy tries to deal with his own diagnosis and leave a record of himself for his children. He now uses his skills acquired from his previous career as a documentarian to help himself and others dealing with the many issues that arise from having a serious health diagnosis. 

Asbestos.com - Breast Cancer


Some studies have found higher rates of breast cancer among women exposed to asbestos. This page of Asbestos.com addresses asbestos exposure and breast cancer risk.