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Stand Up For Your Beliefs


By: Steve Del Gardo

For the last several years, well mostly the last 5 years, I have read many articles, posts on social media on how people are imposing their beliefs on others when it involves cancer. Telling us how to use certain words to describe our cancer journey or how we should feel. Telling us not to use certain words or how we should live our lives. I have also come to realize that there are lot of negative people in our cancer circle more than the positive ones. And sometimes, well most of the time, these two forces fight against each other. IT NEEDS TO STOP! ALL OF IT!

Each person has the right to feel and believe in any way when it involves the C word. And no one should tell you differently. For instance, I should have the right to say that my cancer was a battle and I am a warrior. I should be allowed to say that proudly without someone shaking their head and telling me that I am wrong to say it. No one should yield that power over of another person.

Another thing that is bothersome to most is that I am a very positive person. I believe in positivity.  I believe that one’s body can feel when there is negativity which can hurt one’s body. I believe that positivity can overcome those negative forces. That is my belief but there are others telling me that I am wrong to think that because Positivity doesn’t cure Cancer. Maybe that is true but who is to say that it doesn’t. Same thing about Prayer. I believe in the power of Prayer. But who is it to say that doesn’t work, too?

And the worse part of all this, I have been bullied by people in the Cancer community for my beliefs. I shouldn’t be forced to say something that I don’t believe in. Or be forced in a narrative to fit their agenda.

When my time comes, whether naturally or by Cancer, I will stay Positive to the end. I am going to slide into heaven with a mojito in one hand, high five Saint Peter and yell “WHAT A CRAZY RIDE”!

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