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Kristen’s Legacy

By: Joseph Jennings

On 9-27, Kristen would have been 42, had her life not been cut short because of breast cancer.

There is hardly a day that goes by that my mind doesn’t goes back to Nov 9.  I see Abigail crying while giving her mom a kiss and telling her one final time “goodbye mom, I love you”.

 It is etched in my brain.

 Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear Katlyn screaming “mommy please don’t go, I love you so much”.

 It is etched in my ears.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t watch Kristen struggle to breath as I see a tear fall down her cheek. I am watching and hearing both girls crying as I hear Kristen take her final breath and I see the light leave her eyes.

It is etched in my eyes. 

I still cry thinking about what my girls lost that night. I also know how very strong they have become. I know they are proud of themselves.

Abigail asked me the other day. “Daddy if you could bring mom back to life, would you?“ I said “NO I wouldn’t!“ 

She looked at me puzzled and I told her why. 

I said “Abigail, you, Katlyn and me got Oklahoma laws changed to help younger women and all women get better results from screenings. We would not have helped millions of women and families had she not died. Your mom is a legacy that will live forever because of you.”

Everyone, don’t wait to get a breast exam!! Please don’t fall victim. Take it from me, life is hell and very guilt filled. You deserve to live to be old with the ones that love you.

Schedule your exam today, not tomorrow, tomorrow may be too late!

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